Testimonial Rosie Diver

Rosie Diver has been employed by Wirral Lifelong and Family Learning Service since January 2008, on temporary and fixed term contracts. During this time she has been involved with:-


Rosie has successfully worked with groups of learners with mixed ability working towards different IT qualifications within a workshop environment. This has necessitated her developing individualised lesson plans and also devising learner activities, which are pertinent to the individual learner, by using tasks and examples which will enable them to engage with the learning and show them the significance of the learning to their situation. To achieve this Rosie has used blended learning techniques, including the use of MOODLE [VLE], which has in turn meant that learners have achieved more than would normally be expected and in addition to the standard learning outcomes of the course. This accelerated learning has enabled learners to progress to further IT study and to ultimately achieve more quickly. Her success rate is excellent and learner feedback indicates that the learners rate her help and support as being excellent.

Learners range from complete beginners to those working towards an ECDL. Learners achieve the ECDL within 1 academic year [9 calendar months including academic holidays attending a weekly 2 hour session] and use the qualification to either gain employment or to progress and gain promotion within an existing job, some will progress to the Advanced level ECDL.

MOODLE [Virtual Learning Environment] ~ Problem Solving

Wirral Lifelong and Family Learning Service had a fledgling VLE, which was underused by both members of staff and learners. Rosie was given the opportunity of re launching it with both staff and learners. This entailed ensuring that the networks at outreach centres had the capability of running the MOODLE. Initially, there were problems because outreach centres were mainly schools and the technical staffs were only conversant with the needs of the IT requirements of the school activities. With much negotiation and liaising she was able to ensure the smooth running of the VLE.

With regards to the end users, she trained staff so that they could add their lessons and resources to the VLE. Tutors could then show their learners how to access the information. This added greatly to the value of the learning to both members of staff and learners. To be able to access resources from home at a convenient time, meant that learning became more user friendly. It also meant that learners did not have wait for a whole week before practising learning activities and that any problems could be addressed by using Wikis and Blogs, which were then answered quickly. This increased the rate at which the learning took place, learner engagement and speed at which learners gained their qualifications.

Methods of training employed by Rosie were in accord with her philosophy of using the MOODLE in a practical way in order to demonstrate learning techniques. To do this she used practical examples from her own teaching demonstrating how they improved the learning experience. Her training was always based on sound principles including the underpinning skills and knowledge needed using hands on methods, rather than relying on theory only. By developing blogs, wikis and online assessment the carbon footprint is reduced. Furthermore, learners with additional needs are able to reflect upon their learning by typing rather than handwriting, which for some can prove to be a barrier to participating in the learning

Working with Family Learning Project

WLL&FLS work with parents and children in schools to help them to engage with learning and for the parents to understand how their children are taught in school. To achieve this Rosie has taken the role of learning technologist and MOODLE advisor for the delivery team. The training needed by the team, as a part of CPD has included, the best use of the MOODLE for the delivery, setting up and populating the MOODLE course and creating users. Confidence, thus gained, has empowered the tutors to work on a pioneering project, which is currently being evaluated, as well as, for day to day learning.


WLL&FLS has progressed and developed, using IT as a resource cross curricula, in order to enhance the learning experience of the learner. Rosie has taken the opportunity to develop and manage the e-learning in the organisation, so that learning can take place seamlessly from Centre to Home. To achieve this she has demonstrated that she has skills in

Additionally, Rosie has an approachable personality, which enables otherwise nervous learners to communicate their fears and misgivings with their learning. Rosie has then been able to schedule and individualise their learning in sequential steps. This then builds confidence ensuring success needed to progress onto further IT learning.

This philosophy has also had a positive effect upon Tutors and members of staff who had been reticent about the use of MOODLE, empowering them to use the VLE as a part of their everyday teaching. Such an approach by Rosie has meant that tutors are able to contact her should they encounter any difficulties and have their questions answered both quickly and efficiently using layman’s [plain] English. At this point Rosie will check that the member of staff is confident in the use of the MOODLE, after training has taken place.

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