Review of Productive Programmer by Neal Ford

10 Sep 2010 – Birkenhead

The Productive ProgrammerThe Productive Programmer by Neal Ford
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The book’s intention is to help jobbing programmers get more productive by remembering what the command line is for – the GUI’s and IDE’s we use every day have put us far away from the power of this, and a lot of younger people only know the world of the mouse. In essence it passes on the knowledge that’s being lost to make you more productive.

The Mechanics section talks about simple tricks and tools to accelerate your use of the keyboard and repetitive tasks. I have installed a number of useful bits and pieces on my Mac because of this and can definitely speak of some improvement!

The Practice section is more about fixing the whole process you are confronted with and how to do OO projects properly, plus use tools to find common bugs and why having a canonical build is a good idea, plus standard tools etc. etc.

If you are fresh out of college and working as a developer to you should read this book. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years and got a lot from the war stories and simple suggestions, so even the fogies will benefit.

For reference on my Mac I’ve installed Jumpcut and I’m fighting with the Apple Ruby Spotlight importer…

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